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Core HR

Manage people and their data effortlessly with our industry leading Core HR module.

Employee Lifecycle

Streamline all employee lifecycle tasks, reduce admin overhead & flow data freely.

Employee self-service

Free HR from basic admin tasks and give employees control over their information.

And so much more…

All the tools your HR team needs to succeed in building teams, retaining employees and supporting managers in your business.

Our Story

We’re Martian Logic, an HR Tech company owned and funded by real Australian, everyday people. In 2003, Martian Logic was born in the bedroom of an apartment in the Inner West of Sydney. Our founder and early investors came together because of a shared desire to invest in modern tech that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Creating billion-dollar solutions to recurring industry problems is what drives us. We don’t rush to create hacks or band-aid fixes for individuals. We work carefully to come up with solutions that the entire user community can utilise. This genuine determination to improve the HR industry through tech sets us apart.
“Hearing people say, ‘this has changed my life’, is what I love the most. It’s what kept me going through the harder times and what drives me today”
CEO Anwar
Anwar Khalil
Founder & CEO

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Start with a free plan

Experience all we have to offer and decide for yourself with our genuine free plan.

Comes with free setup & training

For paid and enterprise accounts, we’ll customise the platform to suit your process requirements and company branding… and have you up and running in days/ weeks depending on your pace!

Flexible terms

Ask our team about our flexible payment terms and no lock-in subscriptions. This allows you to renew your contract as you see fit, without feeling trapped.

Agile continuous improvements

A platform so adaptable that you can change & improve any customisable function yourself, any time.

HR platform with enterprise configurability

The enterprise-grade configurability of our software ensures streamlined processes for your business.

Seamless data flow

Our platform is connected in every way. Data effortlessly flows through each stage, from requesting to recruit and beyond.

Powerful automation

We use modern technologies that offer powerful automations and efficiencies – resulting in high ROI for you and your business.

Instant data insights

Gone are the days of excel spreadsheets! Our intuitive dashboards have been designed to display tailored data-driven insights instantly.

Industry-leading access control

In-built, enterprise-grade access control allows full regulation over your employee data.

Source of truth! What is it and why is it so important?

‘Single source of truth’ is a term you will hear us use often. It is the process of bringing all your HR data into one cloud
HR software
. It’s one of the most powerful tools you can use to make sure all your business decisions are being made based on the same, real-time data. Our software acts as this single source, so that everyone—from HR to the CEO—is on the same page.

Our free plan

Free forever for small businesses!
No hidden fees, our free plan allows small businesses to recruit, post job ads, onboard and manage employee data in-house with ease.
Test first, buy later!
We’d never sell you an empty promise - that is why we let you see our platform’s capabilities for yourself before you buy. With no time limitations, your business can use our free plan endlessly, before making the decision to upgrade to a paid or enterprise plan.
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